Geoffrey Berz

A Poem for us.

Geoffrey Berz
A Poem for us.

A Poem for us:

The world I have seen, and some still to go.

The middle east of all places, and those that see snow.

At home I am safe, and some do not know.

Our broken system, still allows us to grow.


Our guns and bombs more than keeping us safe, place minds in a paranoid place.

A global system of money and power, keeps us inside a screen, hour by hour.

Our technology is still so new, received messages feel all too askew.


The earth is calling for us to stop, we are all one, even the cop.

Our cultures are so different, they are alien in nature,

the feminine need to make up our legislature.


So this is our challenge as the human race, to protect this earth, and try to keep pace.

The hour is here to release your fear,

Stand up together,

For love is near.